10 Facts About Coconut Oil You Most Probabily Didn’t Know About

9- Coconut oil can prevent hair damage, moisturizes the skin and functions as sunscreen

Coconut oil is commonly used in cosmetics, especially in skin and hair products. It enhances the lipid content of the skin and nurtures it. Coconut oil also fights bad breath and can be used a mouthwash to kill the bacteria in the mouth.

It can also be used as a sunscreen as it blocks about 20% of solar ultraviolet rays and protects the hair from damage.

10- People who consume a lot of coconuts are among the healthiest people on the Planet

This exotic food is commonly consumed by numerous people. It is even a dominant ingredient in the diet of numerous peoples like the Tokelauans, in the South Pacific, and the Kitavans.

These people are the biggest consumers (60% saturated fat from) of saturated fat in the world and none of them suffer from a heart disease.

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