All Banana Lovers Should Read These 10 Surprising Facts

Why not, let’s write an article about bananas. Indeed, it is worthy to write about banana because it has so many advantages for our health. Before we go to the list of the benefits from banana, I want to mention some commonly known facts.

First of all, you can easily find and buy bananas, in every grocery store. It is not a seasonal fruit and thus you can eat it all year long. It has also carbohydrates which are needed for your health. Don’t worry if you suffer from diabetes, you can still enjoy them. The WebMD¬†says that a medium banana provides you with twenty-seven grams of carbs. Not only this, but the medium banana gives you three grams of fibers, which are essential for your diet.

Surprising facts about bananas.

10.Improves calcium levels

This is especially important for your bones.

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