Family fights back after their Son was bullied so much he stopped eating

After Liam made the soccer team, Fell-O’Brien said he began to change. “As the season ended and winter came, Liam gave me back his iPhone,” she wrote. “He said, ‘Too much drama Mom.’ Then he stopped going to 7th street. He hung out at home with us. I was happy, but I kept asking if anything happened and was everything ok? He said he was fine.”

Though Liam continued to play soccer, his mother noticed he stopped making plans with his friends. Then, near the end of the school year, his mother said he came home very upset and told her someone had punched him on the way to the bus at school. “Liam said he didn’t know who it was. I reported the incident, but no cameras were in that particular area of the building, and no monitors saw anything,” she said. By summer, Liam stopped eating normally.

Liam O’Brien, pictured here with dad Keith, sisters Darby, 14, Jacinta, 11, and Muireann, 9, brother Jonjo, 6, and mom Deirdre

“He started to eat just one meal a day,” Fell-O’Brien wrote in her post. “I kept trying to talk with him. ‘What is going on?’ ‘Nothing, Mom, I’m fine.'” She took him to the doctor and found out Liam had lost ten pounds in about a month’s time. He was admitted to a local children’s hospital for treatment.

Fell-O’Brien felt it was important that her son start the eighth grade school year with his friends, so she brought Liam home from the hospital in time to do so. Before the first day, she went in and met with the guidance counselors and nurses at Garden City Middle School and told them what had been going on with Liam over the summer. “I was told staff would be aware and he would be safe,” she wrote. But that Friday, Liam came home with a bruise on his face.

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