Family fights back after their Son was bullied so much he stopped eating

Liam re-entered treatment at a hospital in Princeton, New Jersey, and Fell-O’Brien, who works as a nurse at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, and her husband Keith, a horse trainer, reported Liam’s bullying claims to the school. Fell-O’Brien said the school conducted an investigation, but, “I was told Liam’s perception may have been different from reality,” she said. “They just couldn’t find evidence that this happened. I have a picture of a bruise on his face, they said staff said he didn’t exhibit behavior that would suggest something just happened to him.”

Garden City Public Schools Superintendent Alan B. Groveman issued a statement about bullying October 19saying they are “very concerned regarding the issue of bullying and the need to ensure that all students receive an education in a safe and inviting environment. No child should ever be reluctant to come to school for fear of personal or emotional safety.”

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