The 9 Biggest Health Issues Facing Women Today

Women have their own International Women’s Day during which some of them tend to cheer on women’s accomplishments and some others tend to protest for many other rights and achievements which they think should be achieved. Women have progressed a lot but yet there is much to be done, mostly according to them. Women tend to be at different disadvantages in different ways and places. For example, the rights which an American women benefits cannot be imagined by women in undeveloped countries where patriarchy is still predominant and women are exploited for different jobs and in many aspects of life. There are some highlighted health problems for women which we will be listing below for a better understanding.

1. Malnutrition

source: flickr

According to the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, malnutrition is more present in women while approximately 2 billion people suffer from malnutrition in the world. 110.000 deaths occur yearly for women during childbirth. This is thought to be done as a result of malnutrition as well as anemia which affects 50% of pregnant women, according to the World Food Programme.

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